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Great improvements brought by new WAM butterfly valves to industrial production processes

2014/11/17  |  Modena, Italy
Technical Articles
Particularly in sectors such as chemicals, plastics and food processing improved process repeatability has become essential. Compliance with higher quality standards regards more and more single parts of a process in terms of use of raw materials, production cycles, plant type and components.
As an answer to such enhanced requirements WAMGROUP presents their newly designed, high performance VFP-type Butterfly Valves.
The new design is characterised by reduced installation height and weight. By using the VFP-type Butterfly Valve, plant design, assembly and maintenance operations can be optimised. As a result, running costs are significantly reduced.
Flanges are compliant with international EN2276-67 and ANSI B16.5 standards, thus ensuring high versatility in application.

The most innovative features of the VFP Butterfly Valve are not visible from outside. Following extensive computer simulations, WAMGROUP Research & Development subjected the VFP to numerous laboratory and field tests to ensure optimum, obstacle-free material flow, even with poorly flowing materials. The engineers paid particular attention to avoiding any dead spaces that would allow material to settle. The aim was to offer the market a product that would reliably prevent any kind of material contamination ensuring, at the same time, a high flow rate without any risk of bridging or rat holing phenomena. Moreover, perfectly sealed valve closure, repeatable over years of operation, had to be of course guaranteed.  
A typical requirement in modern production plants is frequent change of material without the risk of cross chemical or bacteriological contamination. The VFP valve fully meets this requirement by reducing material deposits between upstream and downstream plant equipment to the absolute minimum, thus improving performance and overall quality of the process significantly.
Product innovation has always been amongst WAMGROUP‘s main missions. For WAMGROUP the constant search for energy savings begins with the smallest components for virtually all types of industrial processing plants.

WAMGROUP’s more than 40 years of experience in bulk solids handling and processing, their highly reliable products designed for a specific industrial application, and their global presence have led to the installation of well over a million butterfly valves all over the world. 
WAMGROUP‘s worldwide sales and distribution network offers highly competent assistance and constant availability of components and spare parts to customers everywhere. 

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