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Dust Conditioning with DUSTFIX

2014/01/01  |  Modena, Italy
Technical Articles

Thanks to their many years of experience in mixing technology, MAP today is capable of offering a tried and tested dedicated solution for the “green” disposal of industrial dust from various industrial processes. After in-depth engineering according to user requirements, the latest generation of DUSTFIX Conditioners is now ready for the market. The result is a machine which combines reliable mixing and conditioning with improved technical features regarding ease of maintenance and parts replacement.

DUSTFIX is the ideal solution to match market needs in terms of quality, maintenance, safety, eco-friendliness and price. Thanks to the use of tried and tested, industrially manufactured standard components, MAP is able to offer DUSTFIX at a particularly attractive price without compromising at all on quality.
The DUSTFIX Conditioner consists of a carbon steel tubular housing with a SINT engineering polymer liner, a combined feeder screw/conditioner shaft, a vertical inlet and a flush outlet also manufactured from  SINT engineering polymer, a liquid supply point in the conditioning section, and a drive unit with integrated adjustable shaft sealing unit.
In terms of function and economy, DUSTFIX is the ideal machine for evacuating, conditioning and disposal of industrial dusts of any origin. Due to its particular technical features, the use of innovative SINT engineering polymers and extremely short processing time, DUSTFIX is suitable for continuous duty.
Depending on the model, capacity ranges from 2 to 80 m3/h. The non-stick, wear-resistant, self cleaning SINT conditiong chamber can be easily replaced when worn out. A sturdy drive unit equipped with a high efficiency electric motor ensures problem-free operation under toughest conditions.
Particularly maintenance friendly  features are the individually replaceable mixing and conditioning tools.

DUSTFIX is the only machine of its kind on the market. The only alternative to carry out dust disposal with comparable results are considerably more expensive industrial mixing machines which represent an excessive financial expenditure for this kind of job, whereas DUSTFIX guarantees cost savings even over time.

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