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2014/04/22  |  Modena, Italy
Technical Articles
The new trend in design of Waste Water Treatment Plants is collecting several small plants in a
bigger one in order to reduce maintenance costs and to reach better results in sewage treatment.
Moreover, a growing number of plants is equipped with MBR systems which makes a different
approach in mechanical water treatment necessary.
In both cases a high flow rate with a fine screen is requested, which is why a different technology
has to be applied.
- Separation of solids present in the effluent, as well as compaction and dewatering of screened
- Screening of a high flow rate with a fine mesh.

The main sector of application of rotary drum screens is treatment of waste water in civil applications. The needs of the market are the following:
1. High flow rate;
2. Durability;
3. Easy installation;
4. Low installation costs;
5. Small footprint and reduced infrastructure costs;
6. Low energy consumption.

In order to handle waste water streams with high flow rates SPECO® Division has designed the
new WASTEMASTER FTR. It is an innovative self-cleaning drum screen specifically designed for in-channel application.
WASTEMASTER FTR is a rotating drum screen designed for combined multiple functions in one
space-saving machine only: the removal of the suspended solids from an effluent, as well as
conveying, dewatering and compacting of screened solids.
WASTEMASTER FTR consists of:
1) a perforated rotating drum screen basket;
2) a specially designed, jagged screw conveyor (with SINT™ self-cleaning drainage liner);
3) a compacting module (option).

Depending on drum screen size and screen mesh, the machine can handle inlet flow rates of up to 2,000 l/s.
Thanks to the large screening surface area, which is continuously re-established by the drum
rotation, WASTEMASTER FTR guarantees continuous filtration of high flow rates.
Energy consumption is low thanks to the presence of one only drive motor for both drum basket
and screw.
All sizes are available with a housing in 304L or 316L SS, as well as flight material in carbon steel, 304 SS or 316 SS.
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