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WAMFLO Food Flanged Round Food-Grade Dust Collectors

Cutting Edge Food-Grade Dust Collectors EC 1935/2004-certified
小麦粉 のためにこの製品の詳細情報


Flanged Round Food-Grade Dust Collectors 1
Flanged Round Food-Grade Dust Collectors 2
Flanged Round Food-Grade Dust Collectors 3
Flanged Round Food-Grade Dust Collectors 4
WAMFLO Food FN200 and FN200X are cutting edge products specially designed to meet the requirements of the food industry. With its zero-dust residue design WAMFLO Food, complies with the EC 1935/2004 directive and is suitable for a variety of applications in food processing (wheat, beans, sugar, rice, coffee, cocoa, diet foods, chilli pepper, etc.).
FOOD and ATEX certification
FOOD and ATEX certification
Hygienic design and smooth internal surfaces
Hygienic design and smooth internal surfaces



WAMFLO Food FN200 Dust Collectors are equipped with a cylindrical stainless-steel casing and welded flanged bottom ring, which contains vertically mounted bag filter elements of various types of media that are all food-grade and certified.
The sturdiness of the casing and the zero-dust residue design are their special functional features for food processing applications.
WAMFLO Food FN200 can be equipped with a specially designed inspection door fitted on the casing with an innovative captive twist lock system which facilitates safe access to the filter elements for inspection or maintenance.
The unique design of the integrated compressed air jet cleaning system guarantees high efficiency, thus minimising maintenance and reducing total plant cost ownership.
WAMFLO Food FN200 is supplied with an integrated modular electronic control panel able to manage cleaning cycles according to the specific requirements of the work process.
WAMFLO Food FN200 can be installed on top of a silo, bin or hopper or it comes as a “stand-alone” unit in combination with a special DK200-type WAM dust collecting hopper.
The FN200X model is suitable for operation in explosive environments.
Flanged Round Food-Grade Dust Collectors


WAMFLO Food FN200 separates dust particles carried in suspension by an air current using bag-type filter elements. The dusty air current passes through the filter media, which holds back the dust particles allowing clean air to flow through.
WAMFLO Food FN200 Dust Collectors are configurable for venting, suction and vacuum applications.


  • Filter surface: 1 ~ 21 m² (11 ~ 226 sq ft)
  • Air volume: 60 ~ 2,700 m³/h (35 ~ 1,590 cfm)
  • Filter elements: food-certified round bags
  • Compressed air pulse-jet cleaning system (5 ~ 6 bar)
  • Dust temperature: -20 ~ 80 °C (-4 ~ 176 °F)
  • Cylindrical stainless-steel casing with welded bottom flange
  • Quick and safe filter element replacement from clean or dirty air side
  • Tool-free replacement of filter elements
  • Multifunctional, multi-voltage electronic control panel
  • Hygienic design with zero-dust deposit, high-quality surface finishing, welds and packaging
  • Certified according to EU Food Regulations (EC1935/2004, EC2023/2006 and EU10/2011)


  • FOOD certification
  • ATEX certification
  • Captive locking system
  • Low emission level due to WAM filter elements and media (BIA/IFA-certified)
  • Wide range of high-quality food-grade filter media
  • Smooth contact surfaces for easy cleaning
  • User and maintenance-friendly design
  • Filter element replacement within a few minutes by one person only
  • Multiple voltages meeting different electric specifications
  • Worldwide after-sales service and spare parts provided by WAM subsidiaries


  • Fan or connecting flange to centralised dust suction
  • Insertable and/or vacuum versions available
  • 304 / 316 stainless-steel casing and seal-frame
  • Glass bead-blasted casing and seal-frame
  • Inspection and maintenance door
  • Advanced electronic control panel with a variety of controls and differential pressure meter (MDPE)
  • Pneumatic timer
  • Winter protection for solenoid valves
  • ATEX-version for Zone 22 (Category 3D) or Zone 21 (category 2D) reduced pressure 1 barg
  • Suitable for application in internal Zone 20
  • ATEX explosion panel or appropriate pre-arrangement


  • DK200 dust collecting HOPPER with flow aid, butterfly valve and bucket
  • Flanged BOTTOM RING with or without safety bar
  • Choke VALVE and SILENCER
  • Dust emission SAMPLING KIT
  • ELBOW for lateral connection





前号: 7月 2015
コード: 203001095
前号: 7月 2015
コード: 203001096
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