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催事・イベント 2023
5月 24 - 26.2023
N-EXPO | The 32nd New Environmental Exposition
WAM Japan
Tokyo, Japan
New Environment Exposition aims to solve the problem of global warming and energy problems, it is an unavoidable challenge to build a sustainable low-carbon society. In particular, utilization of energy conservation, renewable energy, heat island technology, and CO2 emission reduction technology is the most important effort for countermeasures against global warming.

7月 06 - 10.2023
IAMS Japan | International Agricultural Machinery Show
IAMS Japan
WAM Japan
Hokkaido, Japan
The history of the Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, which will be held​ this year, began in 1947 with the "Free Market Exchange and Spot Sale" held in front of the Tokachi Kaikan. After that, it became the "Livestock Agricultural Machinery Exhibition", the "Hokkaido Agricultural Machinery Exhibition", and the 19th in 1967, the "National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition". rice field. Since the 25th in 1982, it has been held every four years, and from the 30th in 2002, the name was changed to "International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Obihiro", exhibiting not only from Japan but also from overseas. Yes, it attracts a lot of visitors.

Iams Japan
9月 20 - 22.2023
WAM Japan
Tokyo, Japan
“INCHEM TOKYO” is a conglomerate B to B exhibition covering the latest technologies and products for chemical processing, production and plant engineering, held in every 2 years since 1966 as renown chemical industry business platform in Japan. The show is organized by “Japan Management Association” and “Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan”, and has always been the place for generating cutting edge solutions for every chemical supply chains. INCHEM TOKYO always welcomes professionals to participate in this technology drive platform for taking chemical industry to the next level.

Inchem Tokyo
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