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催事・イベント 2021
3月 17 - 19.2021
N-EXPO 21 | New Environmental Exposition
WAM Japan
Tokyo, Japan
New Environment Exposition aims to solve the problem of global warming and energy problems, it is an unavoidable challenge to build a sustainable low-carbon society. In particular, utilization of energy conservation, renewable energy, heat island technology, and CO2 emission reduction technology is the most important effort for countermeasures against global warming.

N-Expo 2021
6月 30 - 7月 02.2021
ECO TECHNO 2021 (Hybrid) | Global Environmental Solutions Exhibition-Advanced Energy Technology Exhibition
ECO TECHNO 2021 (Hybrid)
WAM Japan
Fukuoka Prefecture, Kitakyushu City, Japan
In "Eco-Techno", efforts toward offshore wind power generation and hydrogen society, which have become a hot topic, efforts toward a circular economy society aiming for zero greenhouse gas emissions, utilization of AI / IoT and blockchain, etc. In addition to holding exhibitions and seminars on the environment and energy business, we will promote BtoB transactions with the aim of achieving a successful trade fair through business matching. In addition, we will establish and expand the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) / Disaster Countermeasures Corner to respond to the challenges of a new era, such as the spread of infectious diseases and the enormous growth of natural disasters.

Eco techno
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