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催事・イベント 2022
4月 27 - 29.2022
IPPS  | International Poultry and Pig Show
WAM Japan
Nagoya, Japan
In the industrial sector, SDGs and DX will be the keyword for success. The super-fast progress of AI technology and robot utilization are becoming common for us. Under such circumstances, in order to develop Japanese poultry and pig industry further, we need to build the supply system that provides consumers with the “safety, reliability, fresh and quality food products” as well as to enhance added value. ​The theme of this show is “Discover the Authentic - The future of world-class poultry and pig industry is here”. In IPPS2022, you can see the latest facilities, equipment, systems and products and we will provide food products (eggs, chicken, pork, etc.), food tasting, cooking and sales areas for consumers.

IPPS International Poultry and Pig Show
10月 12 - 14.2022
AGRI WEEK TOKYO | Asia’s Leading Show for Agricultural & Livestock Technologies
WAM Japan
Chiba, Japan
Covering all agricultural/livestock materials & technologies! Agricultural drones, smart farming technologies, machineries, livestock farming related products, etc. will be showcased all at once. Industry professionals such as agriculture cooperatives & corporations, importers, distributors, industry new entrants will visit the show from all over the world. Exhibit at AGRI WEEK TOKYO & expand Japan/Asia market!

Nogyo Week
12月 07 - 09.2022
POWTEX TOKYO | International Powder Technology Exhibition Tokyo
WAM Japan
Tokyo, Japan
"International Powder Industry Exhibition Tokyo 2022", a specialized exhibition that covers all of "powder technology", will be held in a hybrid of real and online. This time as well, various seminars such as "Latest Information Forum", "Powder Engineering Introductory Seminar" and "Powder Equipment Guidance", and "Product Technology Briefing Session" by exhibitors, etc. We are planning a variety of events, and all the parties concerned are preparing for an exhibition that creates business opportunities. ​​​At the online exhibition, which will be held for the first time at the Tokyo exhibition, information will be available before and after the real exhibition, and personal information that can be used for subsequent sales activities will be available. Also, for users, it can be used as a portal site for the entire industry, collecting information before and after visiting a real exhibition, or when the visit cannot be met.

Powtex Tokyo
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